Operations Manager

Matt Hunter

Matt Hunter is the Operations Manager at Watkins Steel. He first started working at Watkins in 1995. Matt commenced his career as an apprentice Boilermaker in 1995 and was involved in steel preparation, fabrication and installation. Matt shifted into logistics for a short period before returning to Watkins Steel as the Production Manager and then the overall Operations Manager.

Matt’s role includes overseeing the daily operation of the manufacturing facilities, recruiting and managing skilled employees, management of external steel processing, machinery and implementing Operational improvements.

Matt is passionate about being a part of a growing business that is not afraid to be a little bit different and take risks on new technologies. He enjoys working with a great team that have the can do attitude, and willingness to get the work done as well as seeing complex projects come together and customers returning to get the same service over and over again. 

Matt finds satisfaction in seeing raw lengths of steel turn into manufactured items in 2 to 3 days and the opportunity to see international manufacturers utilizing automation and highly skilled staff to deliver their products.