Steel Processing & Product

At Watkins Steel, we offer a comprehensive range of steel processing services and products to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With our advanced machinery and cutting-edge technology, we ensure the highest standards of precision and efficiency in every stage of the steel processing process.


List of Machinery

Voortman, V550-7 Flat and Angle Processing Line
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PCS6000MHB Plate Processing Centre
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Voortman Beam Processing Line, including V630, VB1050 & V808 Integrated Beam Process Line
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Timesaver Rotary Brush Deburring Machine – 42HWRB
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BLM LT24 Jumbo Lasertube
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Ocean Challenger Robotic Welder
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Timesaver, Rotary Brush Deburring Machine – 42HWRB BLM, LT24 Jumbo Lasertube Voortman V550 Plate Processing Voortman, Beam Processing Line, V630, VB1050 & V808 Integrated Beam Process Line Ocean, Challenger Robotic Welder
Description of Machine Finishing Excellence: Our plate deburring machine specializes in mild steel dross removal and edge grinding. Capable of handling materials from 3mm to 100mm thickness, it ensures a clean, polished finish. Slag removal, top grinding, and edge rounding, including holes, contribute to impeccable surface quality. Precision Tube Profiling: Our 3D laser tube processing machine caters to all profiles with an 18MT stock infeed. From 60mm to 600mm diameter rounds and 50mm SHS, it offers versatile weld preps, copes, and slots. With a max thickness of 19mm, it delivers high-precision results. Precision Cutting and Marking: Our CNC machine excels in flat bar and angle cutting, offering precision cuts ranging from 50 x 5mm to 500 x 25mm. With the ability to create holes through punching or drilling and stamped identification part marking, this machine ensures accuracy and efficiency. Versatile Plate Processing: Our heavy-duty plate machine is a powerhouse for diverse operations. From drilling and tapping to plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, it handles materials with ease. With a bed size of 3.2 x 18m and the capability to cut thicknesses from 3mm to 250mm, it’s a go-to solution for robust plate processing needs. Efficient Beam Processing: Our integrated CNC beam processing system combines drilling, sawing, coping, and more. With an 18MT stock infeed, it accommodates various widths and heights, ensuring precise weld preps, copes, and slots. The green feed feature optimizes material usage for enhanced automation. Automated Welding Solutions: Our robotic welding system is designed for efficiency. With an 18m maximum length, a 15.5m weld zone, and the ability to handle a maximum weight of 4.5 tonnes, it ensures long welds and large weld zones. The 1.8m maximum swing diameter enhances welding capabilities.
Machine Tolerance Varies Varies Max 45′ both directions Varies Varies Varies (not specified)
Type of Cutting Mild steel dross removal, edge grinding Laser tube processing Flat bar cutting, angle cutting Drilling, tapping, counter, sinking, marking, plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, plasma bevel cutting Drilling, Sawing, Coping Welding
Max Material Dimensions Min 3mm, Max 100mm Max 600 DIA round, Min 60 DIA round, 50 SHS Flat bar – Min 50 x 5, Max 500 x 25; Angle – Min 50 x 5, Max 200 x 16 Bed size 3.2 x 18MT, Cutting thickness 3mm – 250mm Max width 1000, Min width 65, Max height 400 18m maximum length, 15.5m weld zone, 1200mm maximum width
No of Heads N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Material Type Mild steel (Dross removal & edge grinding, aluminium, stainless steel (by request) All profiles N/A N/A N/A N/A
Material Thickness Min 3mm, Max 100mm Max thickness 19mm N/A N/A N/A N/A
Additional Capabilities Slag removal, top grind, edge round (including holes) Weld preps/copes/slots Hole making, punched or drilled; Identification part mark – stamped Bevel cutting on plasma, plasma any size hole Weld preps/copes/slots/stitch cutting, green feed 160mm “waste for automation” N/A
Electronic Files N/A STEP, IFC, or talk to us about converting you PDF’s NC1 oe talk to us about converting you PDF NC1, DXF, or talk to us about converting your PDF NC1 or talk to us about converting your PDFs .AGTX or .DB1 (Base Tekla Model for internal conversion