Managing Director

Des Watkins

Des Watkins has been an integral part of Watkins Steel since 1993 and assumed the role of Managing Director in 2004. With over 30 years of experience in the steel manufacturing industry, Des has spearheaded multiple initiatives and successfully implemented digital transformation practices at Watkins Steel, positioning the company for operational excellence. Notably, he led the development of the “Watkins Steel Four Step Process,” an end-to-end digital workflow for steel fabrication and installation that has enabled Watkins Steel to compete effectively in local and international markets.

Des is a strong advocate for the Australian Steel Industry and an active member of the Australian Steel Institute, AI Group, and the Queensland Manufacturing Institute. His commitment to innovation led him to found Holovision in 2018, which has since become a leading provider of comprehensive digital engineering solutions.

Des holds a Diploma of Teaching and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management, and his involvement in various industry organizations underscores his dedication to shaping the steel fabrication field at a strategic level.