China Town Mall

China Town Mall

Watkins Steel was contracted by Adco to manufacture and perform all on-site welding for the entrance structure and large roof frame in China Town Mall. Watkins Steel worked in collaboration with third-party draftsmen to formulate drawings that ensured all steel components could be coated, transported, and erected with minimal issues. The cross-hatch frame for the glass had be manufactured and assembled on site in piece form due to its large size and complexity. Large drainage pipes also had to be facilitated through the rafter section and down the interior of the posts into the drainage. This added to the appearance of having no external down pipes.

The web-like roof frame was steel processed and manufactured in four large sections before being disassembled into 14 smaller sections. This enabled the Watkins Steel to hot dip galvanize, sandblast, and prime coat the roof frame before delivery. The steel structure was partly welded on the ground before being lifted and propped by third-party riggers. Once all components of the structure were in position, Watkins Steel completed the welding.

Project Description

Client: Adco
Location: China Town Mall, Fortitude Valley