3D Scanning Solutions

3D Laser Scanning Solutions

At Watkins Steel, we use the market leading Faro Focus 3D X 130 Laser Scanner to accurately capture the full external or internal detail of any building, site, or environment. Shooting approximately 1 million laser points per second, data from the 3D laser scanner can be registered to recreate a digital '3D point cloud model' of the scanned site. Consequently, all shop drawings completed in Tekla Structures Software can now be cross referenced with the '3D point cloud model' of a scanned site. This ensures that all drawings are accurate before moving to the steel processing and fabrication phase. In addition, by using 3D laser scanning technology, we can also collect 3D data of scanned sites with unparalleled speed, quality, detail, and accuracy.

Laser scanning can be applied to a variety of applications, including:

  • Project Tendering/BIM Delivery
  • Refurbishment & Renovation Projects
  • Building Extensions
  • Pre-construction
  • On site Monitoring of Construction Build
  • Post Construction Model Verification
  • Facilities Management

Our 3D Scanning Solutions include:

3D Laser Scanning– Point cloud data deliverable

Point Cloud Viewer provided– Accurate measurements can be taken inside the 3D point cloud model of any scanned environment— without having to be on site.

Overlay Design DWG Drawings & Model to Point Cloud– Clashes between drawings and pre-existing, real world structures can be detected before fabrication & construction commence.

Building Information Model (BIM)- 3D scanning can be used to survey a target building or structure. A Watkins Steel team member can also collaborate with your project team to ensure levels of detail are accurately surveyed and modelled.

Digital as Built– The implementation of best practices ensures a quality deliverable. The process begins with a thorough consultation with clients to determine the project scope and most efficient workflow. These 3D models create a highly accurate visual and electronic database of your facilities infrastructure that can be used as a planning & management tool.

Construction Site Layout– Watkins Steel can assist with layout tasks using the Trimble RTS773 Total Station.

Fly Through and Animations– 3D animations of construction process can be imported into 3D point cloud model to create a sequential construction process. This enables clients to visualise construction processes and detect environmental clashes before construction commences.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning:

  • Measures approximately 1,000,000 points/second up to a range of 130 metres
  • Integrated 70 megapixel colour camera recreates photo realistic scenes
  • High speed, compact, and versatile scanner accurately surveys hard to access sites without the need for access equipment
  • Interfaces with Trimble Realworks Software to recreate a computer model ‘point cloud’ of scanned site with 100% exact measurements
  • 3D point cloud model can be imported into Tekla Software for steel detailing to detect clashes and verify exact measurements