Introducing our Engineering Services

Engineering services

Introducing our Engineering Services

Watkins Steel now offers engineering design services. To add to our already experienced team, we have employed Steven Shu;  a qualified Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ), with over 15 years of  experience.

Engineering Services Steven Shu
Steven Shu | Structural Engineer

Our motivation is to add value to our existing workflow by introducing a  service that complements our current offering to ensure seamless execution across all stages (scanning, detailing, steel processing, fabrication & installation).  We aim to instil client confidence through common-sense designs and expertise.

We are now able to scan the site, design & certify (Form 15 & 16), detail, process, fabricate and install the steelwork, making  Watkins Steel a unique one-stop shop.

Having all services integrated in-house means our teams have the ability to converse with each other directly, without having to rely on third-party information. This creates speed & flexibility throughout the workflow and maintains consistency throughout a project, allowing us to manage risk and in turn offer a competitive price.


Engineering services workflowWatkins Steel can now be more hands-on in D&C projects and offer engineering advice within structural design, as well as,  simple civil and architectural landscape structures. However, our core expertise will always be steel!

We will also be able to add value to tenders by providing ‘non-conforming’ design on projects where we see an opportunity for value engineering, supported by over 50 years experience in structural steel fabrication and installation.

By removing the need to outsource engineering solutions, we are delivering structural solutions that are cost-effective, value-adding and tailor-made to meet the challenging requirements that face all contractors and stakeholders across the construction industry. We can manage design risk more effectively than traditional outsourced models, allowing us to provide a efficient service that saves time and money.

APPLICATIONSEngineering services

  • Architectural landscape structures design
  • Structural modification of existing structures
  • Temporary works analysis and design
  • Gantry/monorail design, inspection and certification
  • Temporary bracing/propping of structural steel
  • Stairs and landing platforms
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Door/window modifications
  • New partition/divisional wallsParadise Centre Gold Coast



  • Cost Effective
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • One-Stop Shop
  • Efficient, Common-sense Designs
  • Speed & Flexibility
  • Project Control
  • Confidence


For more information on our engineering services and how we can make a difference to your next project, contact us today!






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