Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics

At Watkins Steel we have invested greatly in advanced automated robotics in order to ensure steel is processed accurately and efficiently. Our integrated line of advanced robotics combines the benefits and abilities of:

  • Voortman V808 Coping Machine
  • Voortman V630 Drilling Machine
  • Voortman VB1050 Band Saw

We use the combination of the V630 Drilling Machine and VB1050 Band Saw to begin the process. The Voortman V630 Drilling Machine uses three independent drilling heads and automatic tool changing for four-side processing of steel. While the Voortman VB1050 Band Saw is specially designed to produce high quality cuts of structural steel at optimal cutting speeds.

The benefit of this technology is that model-based information from Tekla Structures 3D Software can be imported directly to the Voortman machines for processing and fabrication. This process ensures the consistent, reliable and accurate transfer of information between the shop drawing and fabrication process. In addition, the quality of structural steel is improved as rectification work is significantly reduced with the precision of automated robotics.